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Orchestrating Leadership: Where it Began and Where it’s at Today

Kelly Corcoran

It all started in 2004 at the CWCC annual ATHENA Award Ceremony. Two strangers, Marin Alsop of the Concordia Orchestra and Laurie Billeter of Denver Water, were seated next to each other during the event’s luncheon. After sharing insights about their values, aspirations and career goals, they formulated an event involving music, women’s advocacy, mentorship, and business development: Orchestrating Leadership.

On the chilly morning of January 6, 2011, leaders from an array of businesses and fields united for the 6th annual Orchestrating Leadership event.  They experienced a galvanizing rehearsal by the Concordia Orchestra with coaching by Marin Alsop and Michael Daugherty, who composed the piece being performed. During the one hour rehearsal, the musicians ignited the concert hall with a vibrant performance of a piece entitled “Time Machine”. Guests soaked in the performance with admiration and awe.

Mihaela Cesa-Goje

Following the performance was an elegant luncheon at the Kevin Taylor Restaurant at the Opera House. Alsop spoke about the value of mentorship and her desire to support women interested in becoming conductors. The two Taki Concordia Fellows, Kelly Corcoran and Mihaela Cesa-Goje, spoke about their musical backgrounds, future goals and how the Taki Concordia Fellowship, which includes the Orchestrating Leadership event, has helped them achieve their goals.

In addition to the mentoring and performance opportunities, the fellows are treated to one-on-one workshops, sponsored by the CWCC, that focus on body language, branding and self promotion, communication, and small talk skills in a male dominated industry.

“This event has to be one of the best I have ever attended. [I am thankful] for the opportunity to witness a rehearsal and listen to the magical talents of Marin and her musicians,” said one CWCC member.

Where in the World is Pinky the Flamingo?

I am having a great time meeting the members of the CWCC and I hope that everyone is having as much fun as I am.  But, I’m feeling a little unloved.  I keep writing about my adventures, but no one comments on them. So, I thought that I would help everyone out, since I am young and hip flamingo I am very well versed in blogging. So here we go, I am a very insecure bird and like interaction.  Please give me your feedback.

On the bottom of the blog is a comment button.  Just click that and type away. You can tell me where you want to see me next; how your business is doing; or just if you are having a good day.

The Adventures of Pinky – Downtown Lunch with Tracie Keesee

I had the best time at the downtown lunch. Not only did Tracie have a lot of history and information to share, but she was so funny (and I am not saying that because she was armed J).

Her stories of how she got to where she was and the road blocks her mom put up were touching and funny.  Tracie painted such a great picture of here life.  I had no clue who she was talking about when she was describing the 1970’s cop shows she used to watch—after all, I’m just a Flamingo.  But, I could picture how a show starring an African American woman with a big afro saying “I’m going to get you sucka” could really motivate a young woman.  She also told us how policewomen historically started off wearing skirts and heels.  I can’t even imagine trying to chase someone down in heels!

Tracie was very engaging when asked the audience members asked her questions.  She walked over to whoever was asking the question and listened intently, and would move back and answer the whole room.  I think that it made everyone feel very involved.

I thought that she was a great, funny and interesting speaker.

The Adventures of Pinky – Ribbon Cutting at Vino 100 DTC

On Friday, I went to the ribbon cutting at the new wine store, Vino 100 DTC.  I met owner Cynthia Asensio and co-owner Melanie Romero.  I met a lot of new people and even learned a bit about wine.  The Vino staff shared their expertise on the 100 great wines for $25 and under per bottle.

Vino does not just sell wine!  They also sell wine merchandise and information to help you pick the best wine possible.  I enjoyed checking out the craft beers and select premium spirits, gift baskets, clothing and more.

Vino offers complimentary wine tastings every Friday and Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m.  Make sure you check out this beautiful new wine boutique at 5370 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. #106 in Greenwood Village or online at