Ready to Change Your DNA?

By:  Kim Kirmmse Toth, CWCC Member

You have heard a person say “It’s in my genes” or “It’s in my DNA” which basically means that it’s just the way it is so I can’t change it. “My parents, grandparents, great grandparents were all diabetic, or overweight or died of cancer. There is nothing I can do about it.”

Sorry to take that excuse away from you but from what I have been hearing and reading there actually are things we can do to basically change our DNA.

Your genes are not your destiny. You actually can do things to change them. Good nutrition, stress management techniques, exercise and having a good social support system can change your future health and leave you with the energy and means to focus on your career or business and your personal life.

Millions of you have a predisposition to certain diseases. These genes have been passed down for generations, but new research is demonstrating that there are things, proactive activities, which you can do to change your future more than you may have thought.

Here are some tips for what you can do to outsmart your DNA:

  • Eat a plant-based diet: vegetables, legumes, soy products and whole grains
  • Exercise moderately: walking 30 minutes per day, wear a pedometer so you know whether or not you are getting your 10,000 steps each day
  • Manage your stress: breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, guided imagery at least one time per day
  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive people

If you have a strong family history of diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer or heart disease you may need to make bigger changes in your lifestyle in order to help prevent or possible reverse these chronic diseases.

How does it feel to know that you have options for your own future and your own health? I know this isn’t the first time you have heard this concept, but I think it bears repeating again if for no other reason than to remind you that you have choices.  What you put in your mouth and how often you exercise has more of an effect on your life and your business success than you may want to hear.

It may be easier to just say, “It’s in my genes” and use that excuse for why you are overweight, have heart problems, are diabetic, whatever.  Then you don’t have to take any responsibility because you have chosen to believe your health, and its affect on other areas of your life like your business success, is out of your hands.

I hope you are not one of those people. I hope you have enough love for yourself that you are willing to do what it takes to have a stay in your future and to take care of yourself.

And guess what else? When you are fit, when you are healthy, when you have a positive go getter attitude, your business will flourish!

I suppose it comes back to the chicken and egg theory.  For centuries it has been debated about the topic of nature versus nurture.  It is now believed that nurture affects nature as nature affects nurture.

Action Step: What are you going to do beginning this week to take your health into your own hands, regardless of your DNA?  I’d love to hear about it!

© 2011 Kim Kirmmse Toth

Kim Kirmmse Toth, speaker-author.  “The Business Coach for Women After 50”

Kim is a gifted and intuitive coach who empowers women to embrace all life has to offer in their 3rd stage of life.  As a business coach and solo-entrepreneur she helps women build strong coaching businesses while maintaining a life of balance.  For more information about Kim’s services visit

28 responses to “Ready to Change Your DNA?

  1. Kim, what a great reminder for all of us! Might I add that not only can those steps actually change our DNA (I’ve seen studies and they’re amazing), but it affects our entire lives and situatiohs as well. We experience more “aha moments”, clarity of thought as well as better decision making.

    Thanks again for bringing this to attention. 🙂

  2. Great advice, Kim! Everyone can benefit from this blog.

  3. Great awareness in your article. i like to say it this way in addition to what you’ve said, “we are the masters of our fate, not the victims”.

  4. Kim Great article. Excuses, excuses. The only thing excuses do is take our power away. We all have control of what we eat, how we work and how much self-discipline possess. Thanks for talking about this.

  5. Great post, Kim. I don’t think we can literally change our genes, but you’re absolutely right that adopting healthy habits can not only extend but also enhance the quality of our lives.

  6. Kim – a great reminder that we are each in charge of our own destiny…no body else but us. Guess I better get to walking!! – Cheri

  7. You are right on Kim, thanks for the reminder that we do have control of our own health and wellness, and should take charge and live positively.

  8. Right on, KIm! Genes are only the table on which we set our life’s menu. Genes offer potential. In life, for the most part, the main course is what we CHOOSE to cook up for ourselves! Personal responsibility is our joy and can be our downfall, too. I am only 5″1′, that is genetics. But I played college basketball, because I made the decision I was going to do it! Love yourself. Make smart goal plans for yourself. Ask what you want your life to look like and then be accountable to yourself for getting what you want. It takes grit and diligence and sometimes a little help from your friends you might ask to help you stay accountable. Everyone needs to turn up their “I can do it” knob! If you are stuck, get a coach to help you get unstuck. You are creative, resourceful and way more than enough to be worthy. You deserve to live your best self well-being life everyday! Go for it! GREAT article, Kim!

  9. I actually recall reading The Double Helix by James D. Watson. It was fascinating at the time it was published. DNA is popular today in solving crime scene mysteries. It’s unique and makes up our genetic structure.
    Kim is very correct. My DNA has nothing to do with how I choose to live my life!

  10. This is where Kim rolls eyes and says, “Oh, John,” but I think what we’re really talking about here is epigenetics, that is, there are environmental factors which turn on, turn off, or shift the genes we inherit. Much of the time *we* make the choices which operate on, about, or around (the meaning of the prefix epi-) our genes. I couldn’t agree more with Kim’s suggestions that “you have options for your own future and your own health.”

  11. This brings to my mind the scientific studies that show that smiling makes us happier! It actually stimiulates the happy chemicals in our brain. So, I may not be able to choose to feel happy at each moment, but I can choose to smile because that is just moving my muscles and then the happiness/joy will follow!

  12. Great article Kim.

    The ability to change old patterns – even lineage patterns – goes beyond DNA to energy patterns! You can change not just the physical, but also the mental and emotional through transforming your energy.

  13. Good advice! The easy way out is to blame our DNA, but a positive attitude and to keep moving are critical if we want to stay in shape as we age! Rosie

  14. Some really great reminders about nature vs. nurture and about how taking care of ourselves can have a tremendous impact on what we are given to work with. Great article, Kim!

  15. I have been reading about how we can affect what genes are expressed. Even though we have mapped the whole genome only about 10% of it is expressed. That leaves a lot of possibilities for the rest of the genome. Who knows what we will discover about the function of all those other other sequences.

  16. Excellent help-thanks so much!

  17. Heather McNally MD

    Kim, I absolutely agree with you that new evidence is showing that many chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, many cancers, obesity and many more are directly related to lifestyle. Therefore, we ultimately have control over our own health and can utilize the healthy lifestyle recommendations you suggested for disease prevention.
    I hate to pour cold water of this inspiring discussion. Unfortunately, there are some diseases over which a person has no control. It is naive to suggest that your recommendations can change your DNA and prevent the onset of these genetic disorders. There is evidence that genetic effects can be up or down-regulated and we are learning more all the time.This implies that the person with a genetic disorder has insufficient will power or a poor lifestyle. This could result in blaming the person which is not helpful.
    Recently, I learned some important lessons from a dear friend who died after a dignified twenty year “battle” with the progressive muscle loss and weakness characterisic of his genetic disorder. He had many physical adaptations to compensate for his weak muscles, including a pacemaker, leg splints, walker, cane, slightly modified food to improve swallowing to name a few. His disease continued to advance despite an extremely healthy lifestyle.
    He was fiercely independent and courageous. He never complained about his condition but concentrated on his remaining interests and strengths by continuing to entertain, read prolifically (using a Kindle as books were too heavy), watch many movies and nuture many deep friendships.

  18. Marion Levine, Ph.D.

    Great article, Kim. What you say is so empowering. In a day and age when there appear to be so many things beyond our control, the reality is that there are many things that we can do to influence our lives and achieve our goals. You are an inspiration!

  19. Duane Mullner

    As always, your passion and commitment to wholistic health comes through loud and clear in your article. I believe that all you say in your article is support and guidance for me in my attempt to live in harmony with the TAO. I’m challenged with, “When to let go, when to take control.”

  20. Great post! After all we are what we eat!

  21. Great Article ! Your destiny belongs to your. Patricia

  22. A great reminder that each of us CAN release our own limiting beliefs and take action toward the health and success we choose to manifest. Each day we decide who we will be -by the actions we take.
    Thank you Kim.

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