Twitter & Social Media Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

By Debra Zimmer, CWCC Member

How do you handle a Social Media or Twitter post when you are an affiliate marketer?

Last night I was at an event where an attorney spoke about internet marketing laws. I asked her this very question and she responded about how there was no good legal guideline in tort law established yet. But, based on the new FTC Endorsement Rules, you should somehow disclose your relationship (if compensated for it) when endorsing something via a tweet or status update.

Then, this morning I received this email from a company with whom I am an affiliate. From a business owner perspective, I actually think it is a pretty good policy and guideline for people to follow when posting an affiliate link to Twitter or social media networks so I am posting it here for others to learn from.

Dear Debra Zimmer: will be updating their program terms to include guidelines for advertising in the social media space.  This update was due to recent FTC rules and regulations that and its affiliates must comply by.  We encourage you to read through the information below and make the necessary changes to be compliant.

1.     All social media messages must adhere to content standards.

2.    Affiliates linking to on social media sites must disclose their relationship as an affiliate. Reason: We require this so that all affiliates will be in compliance with FTC regulations. If you are recommending a company or product by sharing a link that can potentially earn you revenue, you must disclose this to your followers, readers, fans, etc.

Example of compliant message:
Need dental care savings? has 30+ discount dental plans to choose from (affiliate link)

Example of NON-compliant affiliate message:
Just saved lots of money using my plan from You should get a plan too.

3.    Affiliates linking to on social media sites must state in their bio or in the link that they are an affiliate and not a employee. Reason: While we welcome affiliates to use social media, we do not allow affiliates to act as official spokespeople for our company.

Contact Information
Have a comment or question about this update? Call or email your Affiliate Manager.

I haven’t seen anyone on twitter or other social media sites using a disclosure statement yet, have you? Have you been seeing tweets and status updates that say “affiliate link”? I would bet that it would make it a lot harder for affiliates to make money. Is it just me or does it seem that the affiliate industry is taking a beating recently?

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6 responses to “Twitter & Social Media Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

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  2. We have a small internet business that we haven’t monetize yet but planned to work with Amazon. They rejected us because we live in Colorado and because of HB10-1193. We fully intend to pay any income taxes due.
    I have been searching the web but don’t find anything later then May of 2011. Does anyone know the latest on this, or is there some way we can work with Amazon in Colorado?
    Thank you for any information you can supply.



  3. The most people are always sceptic when it comes to social media network marketing. Lets take Facebook for example, it has 40 million ”active” users who are updating their profile every day, maybe every hour, and a large scale of people can also be some customers. According to Tommy Hilfiger, who sets up an big campaign a few days ago is offering a discount of 50%. Who is not temptated to buy something from TH?
    And I just named Facebook for example!
    Twitter volgers

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  5. There are lots of sites out there claim you can quit your job and make a huge living online. Most of this is really just hype. Lots of people trying to jump through your screen and quote you income that you are not making. It reminds me of Crazy Eddie (which I guess dates me). I love the sites that won’t let you leave the page without trying to sell your more products or lowering the costs of what they are offering.

    I have been working with and found that their network of entrepreneurs and tools they provide make all the difference in the world. You get to learn from an entire community, what doesn’t work and more importantly what does and how. Its FREE to sign up and FREE to setup an account to check it out.


  6. Dave, that totally reminds me of Crazy Eddy. Your WA site has a lot of great content. Thanks for making me laugh and sharing the link.

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