3 Steps to a Great Website That Have Nothing to Do With Programming

By Emilie Downs, Owner of Imago Visual and CWCC Member

imago_visual_logo 7.2013

Like any brand initiative, redesigning or creating a website can seem like a daunting task.

Design and graphics are always important, but with websites, there is more to it than that. User experience with each page determines whether or not people click—click through to another page or click with your company. There are 3 important things to consider before embarking on the design to ensure all visitors click with your brand:

1. Purpose

The first thing that’s important when considering your website is to ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of the site?” What are you hoping it will accomplish for your business? Is it to inform, to socialize, or to entertain? Perhaps it’s meant to motivate, to make a sale, or to capture visitor information. Having a firm understanding of your purpose informs the design. Design without purpose is decoration.

2. Content

What do clients and prospects want to see, hear or get a feel for in order to make spending time on your website worthwhile? What content would be relevant to them? The content should reflect something that our audience feels passionate about. It’s important to note that it may not be what we, as business owners, are passionate about. Content further informs the design. Design without content is just pretty pictures.

3. Feel

Design and graphics set the tone of your site for the viewer.  It’s not necessary to be literal with imagery. Brainstorm ideas that represent your company and show visitors the essence of who you are.

Make sure your site allows viewers to feel confident in you as the option to deliver the goods. Set them up for success. Help potential clients become confident buyers, who know they are making the right decision by working with you.

Working through these 3 important steps will help ensure your website is a success!


Imago Visual works with business owners who are tired of their marketing and brand image not “living up” to who they REALLY are. I help my clients create brands and supporting marketing that reflect their company’s true brilliance and give them confidence.

303-246-5358       http://www.imagovisual.com


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