The Art of Strategic Partnerships

By Kathy Sullivan, CWCC Member

Want to create word of mouth conversation for your brand? Partner with an established, already highly-regarded brand as a means of elevating your own.

FrenchBMW and French Laundry, the tony Michelin 3-star rated California restaurant, have joined together to offer customers a $100K Active Hybrid 7 BMW model for select customers as part of French Laundry’s concierge service.

By marketing to customers with gourmet tastes, BMW can benefit from reaching potential new customers at French Laundry, while the restaurant can ultimately benefit from the increased perception of offering guests an ‘elevated experience’.  BMW is creating an opportunity to make their global brand act and feel ‘smaller’ by tapping into a very local but highly targeted restaurant brand, which, if all goes well, would tightly align customers of shared preferences and tastes.

This is a win-win strategy that will undoubtedly benefit both brands. Have you considered elevating your brand? Let us know and we’ll brainstorm ideas on how to do that with you.

Kathy Sullivan is President of Six Degrees Studio, a thriving website development studio that offers a different kind of web development experience. Kathy writes and muses often on marketing, branding, strategy, and all things web.  303.246.4052

One response to “The Art of Strategic Partnerships

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Strategic partnerships are not only a wonderful way to elevate your brand but businesses of any size can use this concept to help them grown their business.

    Businesses can do everything from utilizing the benefits of your chamber membership to small run and targeted mentions on Public Radio, consumers will start to view your brand with the brand that they already love.

    This can even be extended to commenting on blogs written by prominent professionals in your field to becoming active in a social media community, the more you invest your time the more you will rise to the top as an expert in your field.

    Great post, Kathy!

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