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Tips for generating business in the New Year

By Jayne Sanders, Scientific Hand Analyst and CWCC Member


Take purposeful action! That is the #1 tip I used in 2014 that propelled my business forward, and it will work for many of you in 2015. Here are some of the actions I took:

  • Search groups on and attend as many as possible that resonate with you or seem to fit your client niche. I went to 2-5 meetings a week for several months! I met some great women, generated leads and clients, made some great contributions, had fun, and made new friends. After attending several meetings for each group, it was easier for me to determine which were the best fit, both for my business and for me personally.
  • Join organizations, like CWCC, that feel good, that you feel you can contribute to, and whose members fit your client niche. I have joined 4 organizations in the past year that I enjoy very much.
  • Within my 30-second commercial for these meetings, I requested, “In addition to new clients, I am looking for speaking engagements and for people who would like to host a simple easy home party for their friends and earn a free hand analysis.” The resulting speaking engagements and home parties were a major income source for me, and still are. And, I was able to reach more people and help them discover their life purpose and ideal work! Win-Win!
  • Also pursue speaking engagements through other methods…web search, referrals during networkings, etc.
  • During your speaking engagements (and/or home parties if appropriate), be sure to do 4 things: 1. Offer content of value to the participants. For example, I teach people how to identify markings in their own hands and what those markings mean, they love that! 2. Be fun and engaging. 3. Communicate the benefits of your product or service, and 4. Make a special offer for that day only, and don’t belabor it. Distribute a form for them to fill out…make it easy for them to buy. By the end of your presentation, if you’ve set things up properly with interest and value, many of the participants will want to know how to get more and how much it costs!

I hope these tips are helpful for you! The key is to get out there and go for it. Exposure is the only way for potential clients to learn about you, and nothing beats personal face-to-face rapport. Good luck and Happy New Year!


Jayne Sanders
Scientific Hand Analyst
jayneMain450x600About Jayne Sanders
Jayne Sanders is a Scientific Hand Analyst and Life Purpose Coach who helps people discover their innate life purpose, special gifts, and blind spots for more joy, fulfillment, and abundance. The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain and provide a blueprint for who you are and why you’re here. Clients call it shockingly accurate, amazing, life-changing, cathartic, fascinating! Reach Jayne at 303-828-8333,, or


Fireside Video Tip – Loading Video to YouTube

By Naomi Binkley, Founder & Managing Partner of Fireside Production and
CWCC Member


Making the most of your video investment these days involves a smart online strategy.  You have to share and promote your video to see a return on investment.  I’m a YouTube advocate, particularly because of the Search Engine Optimization benefits (thanks, in part to the relationship between YouTube and Google) and the ease of embedding video to your website from YouTube and sharing on other social media platforms.

So in my book, a great online strategy starts with loading your video to YouTube, optimizing it well – that means adding a title, compelling text and meaningful tags – and then, sharing.

Fireside Image

If you haven’t posted to YouTube before, Fireside Production created this short video how-to with tips to…

  • Create Your Channel
  • Post Your Video
  • Optimize Your Video & Your Channel
  • Start Sharing

Getting Started on YouTube:

Whether you produce a polished promotional piece or you capture a short video message with your smart phone, kick off the New Year with a video.  It’s a powerful way to engage your prospects, clients and supporters.  For more tips on the Power of Video, be sure to check out our blog at


About Fireside Production:
Fireside Production is a Denver-based video production company that specializes in creating compelling corporate, non-profit, promotional, business events and social media videos at competitive rates.  Fireside Production works closely with each Client to deliver memorable videos that inspire action and drive results.

Naomi-Binkley Headshot


Contact Information:
Naomi Binkley – Founder and Managing Partner, Fireside Production
Phone: 720.287.2567

Tips for businesses to conserve during the drought

By Ann Baker, Denver Water Communications and Marketing and CWCC Member

Drought_Denver_WaterApril’s snowstorms along the Front Range and in our mountain watersheds have helped a lot with our dire water supply situation. But this is the second year in a row of below-average snowpack and drier-than-normal conditions in our watersheds. Denver Water’s reservoirs haven’t been full since July 2011, and reservoir levels are still well below normal.

We never know what future weather is going to be like, so it’s always important to manage water supplies carefully. Even if the next couple of weeks bring us back to average snowpack levels, Denver Water expects to have the Stage 2 mandatory drought restrictions in place to save as much water as possible this summer. Denver Water will know more about its water supply situation in July after the runoff.

The Stage 2 drought, effective April 1, means all businesses, industrial and government facilities may water only on Tuesdays and Fridays. For other drought rules and 2013 drought pricing, visit


Following these restrictions alone won’t achieve all of the needed savings. Businesses can help reach this goal by:

  • Educating employees, contractors and others in your facility about the importance of water conservation. Visit to have a Denver Water employee speak to your company about drought.
  • Applying for Denver Water’s Water Budget Program, which allows large irrigators an exemption from watering two days a week as long as they cut their use 35 percent. Learn more at
  • Performing a leak survey for the facility. Watch the meter after hours or on weekends to see if there are any leaks. Larger, more complex facilities may need sub-metering. Denver Water offers free commercial water-use audits. Visit
  • Making plans to replace Kentucky bluegrass with Xeriscape.
  • Serving water only upon request at restaurants.
  • Replacing older toilets and urinals with high-efficiency toilets and urinals. Denver Water offers rebates for commercial toilet replacement. Visit
  • Replacing old aerators and showerheads with new low-flow models.
  • Regularly inspecting, maintaining and repairing your boiler systems. Install a condensate return line on your boiler if it does not already have one.
  • Identifying all single-pass flows in your facility. These flows often are associated with equipment cooling for pumps, compressors, ice machines, air conditioners and other equipment. Denver Water’s incentive program will pay for a substantial portion of replacement costs. Visit
  • Regularly inspecting, maintaining and repairing your cooling tower system, which consumes a significant amount of a building’s water. Denver Water has a cooling tower audit program, in which Denver Water will pay an engineering firm to evaluate the condition and operation of your cooling tower. Visit
  • Reviewing historical water usage for your facility. Analyzing several years of consumption data will often identify undiscovered leaks or other problems. Track your water use online:


Denver Water’s Cheesman Reservoir, shown here in this February photo, is lower now than it was going into the 2002 drought – and that turned out to be the worst drought in 300 years.


CWCC DTC Leads Group Networks to Register Bone Marrow Donors

Co Womens Chamber VolunteerWhat do bone marrow, Denver Nuggets and the DTC Leads Group have in common?  On Sunday, January 20, the CWCC DTC Leads Group volunteered and worked a booth for the Love Hope and Strength Foundation at a sold-out Nuggets game.

As a group we decided to do one service project a quarter.  We think it’s a great way to deepen our relationships and at the same time do some good for our community.

This was our first project and it was a slam dunk success!

Love Hope Strength is an international charity that is focused on saving lives with advances that have already been made in cancer treatments.  One of their important initiatives is getting people to sign up for the National Bone Marrow Registry.  Bone Marrow is a key to helping people who have leukemia or lymphoma.

Get Ready for Rejection

Rob Rushing, Director of LHS, quickly briefed our team of Michelle Hutchison-Comiskey & Company, Hilda Perez -American Family Insurance, Romaine Tacznosky-Brokers Guild Classic, Debbie Josendale-3C Marketing Group and Sarena Petalas-Key Bank.  He prepared us for rejection by telling us that basketball games were the hardest events to recruit donors.

But not for the DTC team.  Armed with some fun signs…that said “I’m on the List?” we set up a tag-team  structure.  A couple of us stood out front waving the signs and chanted “I’m on the List…Are you on the list?”  Our secondary team, provided education on what it means to be on the Bone Marrow Donor Registry and why it’s vital to saving lives, quickly tag teamed everyone who expressed interest.

The DTC Leads Group Signs Up the Most Donors

The results were amazing!  Not only did we sign up the most donors ever at a basketball game, but we had a great time.  The impact of the experience is best expressed by a comment posted on our LinkedIn DTC Leads Group page by member Romaine Tacznosky:

This was a great experience on several levels. It was fun getting to know each other better, it was so encouraging to see people sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor (just affirms the goodness in humankind) and that one person said they so appreciated what we were doing because he had received bone marrow. Kudos to all for signing up the most donors EVER at a basketball game!!!!

If you’re looking for a Leads Group, please come to a meeting.  We meet the first and third Tuesday of the month at 11:30 at Key Bank, 5950 S Willow Dr., Greenwood Village, CO 8011.

2011 Outstanding Women in Business Acceptance Speeches

Donna Evans – President and CEO CWCC, Nonprofits and Public Entities Winner
Click on the below picture for Donna’s speech:

Ceyl Prinster, CWCC Member, Banking and Finance Catagory Winner
Click on the below picture for Ceyl’s speech:

Lisa Schomp, CWCC Member, Large Business Owner Winner
Click on the below picture for Lisa’s speech:

New Member Clear Channel Hosts Workshop & After-Hours

Thank you to our new members, Clear Channel for hosted an outstanding workshop and after-hours last night.

The workshop, “How to Utilize Radio to Grow Your Business,” held a panel full of powerful women within the Clear Channel stations.  We heard from radio personalities, promotions and public affairs managers.  They gave insight into how to pitch your ideas to radio, advertising and much more.

The workshop was followed by a business after-hours in the lobby.  Folks networked with the staff of Clear Channel and enjoyed tours of the station.  Thanks to everyone that attended and stay tuned for another great workshop and after-hours at Clear Channel coming soon.

5th Annual CampExperience™ Joins LikeMinded Women for Education, Inspiration and Philanthropy

CampExperience™ was created for successful women interested in building their lives, careers and connections. It provides busy women a reprieve from their everyday lives, and an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and their peers. This very special retreat fosters education, personal growth and amazing experiences, in an environment of positive energy, creativity and playful fun. Our participants and speakers share their gifts and resources with important charities that benefit women. Click here for more information.