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Effective networking: mystery, myth or reality?

By Susan Allard, Business Development Representative at Public Service Credit Union and CWCC Member

Susan Allard

Networking [net-wurk-ing]
: an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the like.

Whether newly venturing into the business community or a seasoned expert, networking is a necessary activity – meeting those that can connect us with a potential client or resource, provide useful advice or help us brainstorm new ideas are essential in our growth and development.  However, you may ask yourself, “Does networking really work?”

  1. Mystery: How do I meet people that are my ideal client?
    Myth: I need to grab all of the business cards I can.
    Reality: If you want to give yourself a follow-up hangover then you just succeeded. If you really want to be effective, network with a purpose. We call this research – know the audience, find those you want to meet and make a list.
  1. Mystery: Once I meet my ideal connection(s), how do I talk about my business?
    Myth: I’ll just blurt out what I do and sell them on the spot. They’ll listen to me.
    Reality: OK, stop right there. You just lost at the letter “I.” Be the listener.  Ask for their name and what they do, then just absorb the information. Ask leading, specific questions that can be answered with short, succinct sentences. Then respond the same way when they ask. If their business isn’t a fit for you, it might be for someone else you know and vice versa.
  1. Mystery: How do I walk away from someone that isn’t my ideal target?
    Myth:  When they stop talking, I’ll jump to my next potential connection.
    Reality: Hate to tell you this, but that person may try to bend your ear a lot longer than you had hoped and you won’t get a word in edgewise. Don’t be afraid to stop them.  Find a break when they take a breath or end a sentence.  If that becomes difficult, interrupt. Thank them for their time and be honest; you came to this event to meet several connections. You aren’t being rude, you are being real. If you are on the other end, please don’t take it as an insult – but do learn how to respond to questions with short answers. After all, you have a purpose, too.
  1. Mystery: How do I follow-up with the good connections I make?Myth: I’ll just schedule a bunch of coffee appointments.
    Reality:  Don’t know about you, but I can only handle so many lattes and the same for the lower half of my body. However, it takes time to drive to the appointment, sit there and talk then drive back to work. You have already met face-to-face; send an email, schedule a call and have a chat. You’ll accomplish more in less time and save yourself some gas and extra time at the gym.

In closing, network with a goal – you’ll be much more successful!

Sweatworking: The Benefits of Taking Networking From the Bar to the Gym.

By Jenn DeWall, Owner of Jenn DeWall Life & Career Coaching and
CWCC Member

Jenn DeWall

When was the last time you broke a sweat? If you’re living in Denver the chances are high that it was within the last few days. Why not kill two birds with one stone and add networking to it?  Sweatworking is the new emerging trend on how to engage and meet with clients.   Sweatworking activities vary from walking, to barre or spin classes and more.  It’s perfect for those that want to get out of the bar scene and create a shared experience with someone in a more meaningful and healthier way.

4 Benefits of Sweatworking

  1. It creates a deeper relationship. Sweatworking creates an immediate shared experience where individuals can connect with each other over at a deeper level.  No one likes to be “sold” to when they’re meeting, they want to establish a more authentic relationship.  Through sweatworking you’re better able to see each other as individuals versus the product or service they offer. This can more quickly increase likeability and trust which ultimately can improve your bottom line performance.
  2. Work-life balance. With so many things to juggle, sweatworking creates a perfect opportunity to prioritize both your health and business simultaneously.  You can maintain your healthy goals and even create more time to do other things you love because you don’t have to squeeze a workout in at the end of the day.
  3. You will save money. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars to entertain a client or potential partnership, you can invest in a per class fee which can range from $15-$25 a person.  Any additional money can be spent on smoothies or a healthy meal.  No one wants to waste their workout by drinking a bottle of wine and having a high fat meal afterwards (Okay maybe sometimes we do but it won’t be a lot).
  4. It’s perfect for introverts. Networking can be overbearing, especially if you’re an introvert.  By doing a shared experience it immediately offers a topic of conversation between the individuals.  It’s a perfect way to initiate small talk versus the sometimes uncomfortable approach to an individual you don’t know.  Plus, the endorphins gained from the workout will help boost your energy and confidence better helping you connect with others.

Have you done sweatworking?  If so, what were the benefits that you found and what did you do?

About Jenn:
Jenn DeWall is a certified Life & Career Coach and Motivational Speaker for Young Professional Women. Jenn is a trailblazer who challenges the status quo and works to empower women to live beyond their comfort zones and flourish in their lives and careers. She is the founder of a women’s empowerment group as well as a leadership consultant for a local HR start up. Jenn worked in Corporate America for a large fortune 500 company for almost a decade, which empowered her to become a coach and help women become leaders in their organizations. She is a nationally accredited certified coach with an MBA whom has a vast amount of knowledge and experience on what it takes to be a leader, find happiness, and create the life you love. Jenn founded her own coaching practice, Jenn DeWall Coaching, which offers both one on one, group coaching, and motivational speaking.

To schedule a complimentary coaching session to explore how coaching can benefit you please e-mail Jenn at or call her at (608) 206-3464


Creating Wellness in the Workplace

By Casey Marshek, MS; CPT, Owner/Nutritionist/Personal Trainer at Wellness Evolution Denver and CWCC Member

Wellness Evolution Denver Logo

It’s Sunday afternoon and your house is quiet.  You have all your obligations met and free time to spend as you please.  What would make your heart sing?  What simple activity would bring you relaxing joy?  This is your true happiness!

Considering this concept I ask you to offer your employees the same option when it comes to Wellness and Team Building in the work place.  We can all agree that the best workplace environment is one where:

  • People are free to develop and foster their individual strengths
  • Good relationships with other team members are developed
  • Everyone is pursuing worthwhile and meaningful goals both separately and as a collective unit

Using wellness to improve these skills and relationships is very effective.  Choose options for a slightly competitive wellness challenge where the staff members will be competing as teams, but will be mostly focused intrinsically on improving themselves.  I like to give people choices and allow them to vote on what activity they are most interested in.  This creates an environment where people start from a place of engagement and empowerment.

The point of this activity is to improve yourself.  Surround yourself with people whom have common goals and learn to use this to bring the entire group further with their success.  These skills achieved through a wellness or bonding activity will then carry over to productivity, report, and job retention/attendance.  People who are happy with themselves and their lives are going to be more excited to come to work, they will be more productive when there, and they will be more respectful of the ideas and feelings of those around them.

Wellness is a great place to start in creating an environment that promotes teamwork in the work place.

Now tell me, how do you find happiness in your time of solitude?  Do you feel this promotes better discipline with your work?


Casey Marshek, MS; CPT
Owner/Nutritionist/Personal Trainer
Wellness Evolution Denver

About Wellness Evolutiuon
Wellness Evolution is centered upon results based training and holistic counseling, in a comfortable and empathetic environment, through an educational approach that enriches a client to maintain their results long-term.


Wellness Strategies for Team Building Success

By Julie A. McCallen, M.D., President, Cenegenics Denver and CWCC Member

Cenegenics Denver Logo white background
How can you have a strong business team without vibrant physical health?   When your team members are tired or sick, they are not productive.  It is no secret that as we age our bodies change, but we don’t have to age poorly.  Women begin to lose their hormones in their late 30s to early 40s – manifesting as difficulty sleeping, irritability, and weight gain in the mid-section. We often develop heavier or irregular periods, lower energy, and brain fog. By the time we lose our estrogen, often not until our early to mid-50s, our sense of well-being has changed considerably.

What about the men on your team?  They also begin to lose many of their hormones through their 40s and 50s – sometimes beginning in their mid-30s.  In men this imbalance manifests as accumulation of fat in the mid-section, decreased energy and motivation, loss of strength and muscle, prolonged recovery from workouts, increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, and loss of sex drive.   Overweight, tired, and unhappy people are not nearly as creative and productive as lean, energetic, happy people! 

Health is like a 3-legged stool…nutrition, exercise, and hormone correction are the 3 legs.  If you try to get healthy with just proper nutrition and exercise, you are not likely to succeed if your hormones are not balanced.  You must replace the deficient hormones, balance the biochemistry, and only then will the proper food and exercise actually work.

Cenegenics Denver is a medical institute devoted to the practice of Age Management Medicine, helping patients to get and stay healthy through a personalized program of nutrition, exercise, corrective hormone therapy, and nutritional supplementation. This proactive approach to healthy aging typically results in more youthful energy, improved body composition, better strength and flexibility, clearer thinking, stronger immunity, healthier sex life, and decreased risk of developing the degenerative diseases we normally associate with aging.

Our team begins with an intensive set of diagnostics including bloodwork, physical exam, measurements of strength, flexibility, and balance, cardiovascular fitness testing, bone densitometry, body composition analysis, measurements of vascular health, and cognitive function testing. This detailed evaluation allows us to understand your baseline health strengths and weaknesses, such as adrenal insufficiency, thyroid disease, thickening of the lining of the blood vessels, blood sugar problems, or other issues related to getting older.

From this we build an exercise plan, nutritional plan, and a metabolic plan using bio-identical hormones and pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation to help you to achieve your health goals. Our physicians, exercise/nutrition counselors, and service coordinators interact with you regularly to continue to shape your program as your health improves.

You pay attention to your outer body with microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and injections – now it is time to pay attention to your internal body and get healthy from the inside out. Shouldn’t you have a healthy aging plan to reverse the declines of aging and protect your current productivity and future health?


Julie McCallen Headshot
Julie A. McCallen, M.D.
O 720.387.3681

4 Tips for Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

By Kathryn Miller, Digital Media Coordinator at Linhart Public Relations, CWCC Member and Women’s Leadership Foundation Committee Member


Social media continues to advance daily with updated features, new platforms and innovative advertising tools for businesses to reach consumers in new ways. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes and understand the best approach to achieve overall business goals.  To help navigate the dynamic landscape, here are four tips to keep in mind that will help create a successful social media strategy:

  1. Align with your business’s target demographic. Rather than cast an open net out to millions of social media users, focus on building an online community that targets individuals who are already interested in, and more likely to engage with, your brand or service.
  2. Select the right platforms. Just as there is an abundance of news outlets for various demographics to receive their daily updates, the same is true with social media platforms. As new options and features continue to appear, it’s important to select and maintain the platform(s) your target audience actually uses in order to connect with them. While it’s best to secure social accounts, don’t try to manage all of them if you don’t have the resources.
  3. Create meaningful content. Once you’ve identified your audience and the social platforms they are on, create meaningful content that makes people think, feel and do. Creating interesting posts and sharing compelling content is key to connecting with your online audience. By doing so, you will become a valuable resource for your customer or consumer, and in turn, give them a reason to follow you, as well as engage with your brand or organization and share your content with others, expanding your online reach.
  4. Pay to play. How do you rise above the “noise” on social channels to ensure your content is being seen among your target audience? If you haven’t considered social media advertising, now is the time to do so. As platforms continue to introduce new advertising capabilities for businesses – with Instagram and Pinterest being the latest – it’s crucial to implement social advertising into your social media strategy in order to boost your content and so that it reaches your target audience.


About Kathryn
After spending time as public relations intern in New York City, Kathryn ventured back to her digital roots and landed a position as the digital media coordinator for Linhart Public Relations, based in Denver. From social media management and graphic design to content creation and blogger relations, Kathryn provides a wide variety of digital skills and expertise to Linhart PR and its clients.

Social Media Strategy…What Works for CWCC

By Kate Jenkins, Event, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator for CWCC

“Embrace what makes you different; that’s how people will remember you.” – Beki Winchel, Writer at PR Daily

The digital world we currently live in is overrun with social media (SM) outlets, all waiting for you to share your message in their outlet’s unique way.  However, just because it’s available, does not mean it is necessarily right for you and your business. A great SM strategy is to simply LEARN. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but if you dive into the online world, you will find it really is there to help you – not hurt you.

A great place to start is to decide if your business should even be on social media – the answer for most should be YES. Do you have a person willing to devote the time it takes to not only start your SM presence but to maintain it? You will be surprised by how much planning, discovering, sharing, content creation, etc. goes into SM efforts. Make sure the time you are going to put into your outlets isn’t wasted. Once your sites are up and active – don’t ignore them. People love interaction. If you can’t afford the time to give them an appropriate amount of attention, wait until you can.

You will notice trends among the different sites. They each have their own style of posting, promoting, followers/members, etc. To start, utilize the sites that you think your audience will be more inclined to use. From there, you can gauge which outlets you should continue to post content on and will be better able to formulate what messages to post where.

Don’t saturate your audience with the same message on each outlet. Refrain from posting the exact same content on two or more sites. Each site is original; therefore, each post should be original. They can be related, but highlight the site’s features to make your post stand out. Not every message should be shared on every site. Some will cater more to Twitter than to Facebook for example. Be sure to establish your voice. Meaning, decide if you are going to be less formal with your messaging or more so. Your voice will vary depending on which outlet you are using.

You will start to notice more SM trends when you become more familiar and active online. It never hurts to expand your SM presence. But pay attention to see if your audience is responsive. If not, it may not be the site for you, and with so many options available, that’s okay.

My advice – open your browser and explore! Somewhere on the internet is an answer for any question you might have about SM. There isn’t a right way or a wrong way. Just your way. Make it your own and don’t be afraid to be unique.

Do you have some advice on what works for your business?  Please share your SM strategy with me!


Kate, COC headshot
Kate Jenkins
Event, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator
Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Video Marketing – Benefits and Basics

By Joyce Feustel, Founder, Boomers’ Social Media Tutor and CWCC Member

Boomers Social Media Logo 2015

After nearly a year of planning, I have joined the world of video marketing. Have you?

In this blog post, I will share just a few of the many benefits of video marketing. Plus I will provide some tips on preparing to create videos and then promoting those videos.

Benefits of Video Marketing
There are many benefits to using video marketing. Even on an anecdotal level, people will tell you they are more apt to share a post on Facebook with a video in it than just a text post.

In his May 28, 2014 article “10 Benefits of Video Marketing” in Marketing Technology Blog, author Douglas Karr points out:

  • Video allows you to connect emotionally with the viewer
  • Video is searchable.
  • Customers watch videos. Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google?

See his entire article at

Marisa Dube in her June 24, 2014 article in Nectafy echoes many of the points in Karr’s article. Other points she makes are:

  • Videos are more memorable than text.
  • Videos build trust with consumers
  • People like the “show and tell” aspect of videos.

See her entire article at

Some Basics of Creating and Promoting Videos

  • Research the topics that your viewing audience might want to know about.
  • Narrow the scope of the topic – most people won’t watch a video longer than a few minutes, at the most.
  • Decide whether you have the skills and setup to make your videos or if you will engage the services of a professional videographer
  • Set a target completion date for your videos, and budget the necessary time and funds needed.
  • Get suggestions from people who have done some video marketing.
  • Select an appropriate setting for the creation of your videos. It needs to be free of distracting items and background.
  • Rehearse, a lot. Bring your natural style and energy to the video creation process. Remember to smile.
  • Create a YouTube channel for your company if you don’t already have one and post your videos to your channel.
  • Publicize your videos via social media, your newsletter, and emails to business colleagues and friends
  • Ask business colleagues and friends for feedback on your videos so that you know what went well and where improvements can be made for the next time you create a video.

Check out my four videos on ways to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile on my company’s YouTube Channel

And while you are at it, feel free to subscribe to my channel by clicking on the link.

As mentioned earlier, feedback is welcome!

Please share what your experience has been with video marketing.


Joyce Feustel, Founder
Boomers’ Social Media Tutor